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About Us

The Friends of Squaw Mountain Mountain was founded in 2012 to form an organized movement to promote, preserve and protect the future of downhill skiing and racing in Piscataquis County, specifically Big Moose TWP, Maine.  FOSM incorporated with the goal of sharing the mountain experience that has been celebrated by many. Big Squaw Mountain community mountain for youth and families to ski and ride affordably as well as learn to ski, ride and race. We embrace the history that once was, while working together to make a mountain a future resort for the family.

Big Squaw, later known as Moose Mountain or Big Moose Mountain, was one of the largest ski areas to close in New England. Open from 1963 until 2010, Big Squaw offered skiing on about 18 trails on a 1650′ vertical drop. The trails have been described as classic New England trails- narrow and winding, with lots of character. Originally open with just a T-bar in 1963, it expanded to include a summit double chairlift in 1967, boosting the vertical from 600′ to 1650′. In 1986, a triple chair replaced the T-bar , which was moved to serve a beginner section. In the late 1990’s, the popularity of this ski area began to wane, and then a lift accident occurred on the summit double chairlift in March of 2004, when a chair fell from the cable.  The upper chairlift has not operated again and is now not operable. Operations were moved to focus on the triple chair area, dramatically shrinking skiable terrain. In 2010 major financial issues prompted the ski area to close. The Friends of Squaw Mountain is a corporation formed in 2012 as a result of a successful grass-roots effort to revive ski operations at Big Moose Mountain.

Since The Friends of Squaw Mountain took over operations, the following has been accomplished:

  • Awarded 501c(3) non-profit tax exempt status with the IRS
  • Cleared and groomed 15 ski trails.
  • Refurbished the lower lodge facility.
  • Repaired the triple chairlift and allowed it to pass inspection.
  • Inventoried and repaired rental equipment.
  • Offered skiing, snowboarding and lessons since February 2013.
  • Revived the local skiing community and made Greenville, Maine a ski town again

Ongoing activities:

  • Maintaining and grooming ski trails
  • Supporting the operation of a small restaurant in the lodge
  • Offering rentals and lessons
  • Full coverage ski patrol
  • Continued support for eight employees

The Friends of Squaw Mountain are supported by private donations, corporate sponsorship and through the sale of lift tickets, rental equipment contracts and merchandise.   Throughout this process numerous volunteers and community members have supported the return of Big Squaw Mountain to the ski industry.

Think you can help? Whether contributing skills, knowledge, tangibles, or financial assistance, we would love for you to take a look at the Volunteer to Help page.

Who Are The Friends of Squaw Mountain?

Who Are We?

Why we are so Passionate About The Mountain

Amy  Lane


  I consider myself blessed to have grown up on such a beautiful, local ski mountain. My mom worked at Big Squaw when it was booming in the 1980’s.  She taught me how to ski early on and shared her love of the sport.  Now that I am a mother of two young boys, I want to share that same love with them.  After the mountain closed in 2010, life at Moosehead Lake was just not the same.   This absence drove me to create the Friends of Squaw Mountain and provide the opportunity for local families to get back on the mountain we all know and love.  The rest is history and Big Squaw Mountain is open to skiers again.  Thank you!
Rodney Folsom

Mountain Operations


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Noel Wohlforth


Vice President

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William Fling
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